Save Time & Money

With Glass Business Social you're able to manage all of your social accounts in one place. Connect Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and others so you can post once and cover all your social platforms easily.

Plan/Schedule Posts

Easily build out posts in advance.  Create memes, write messages, tag content - then schedule days, times, and which channels you want your posts to go to.  Plus monitor social activity, all in one place.

Glass Content/Images

Glass Business Social is all about the Glass industry, which means we've filled our tool with images, content, and news specific to the Glass industry so you've got everything you need at your fingertips.

Get Organized

The primary idea of Glassbusiness.Social is the ability to plan and schedule your social media posts with ease.  But to make it even better, we've added a bunch of cool features to make it even more awesome!

Proper social media management is a lot like managing a marketing campaign.  You need to look a few weeks, or months, into the future and plan activities, promotions, or messages for your audience.  But what a pain to manage, and to remember every day you're suppose to post a certain message or image.

Now you can do it all in one place, specifically targeted for flat and auto glass. The platform itself connects to all your major social platforms. But we've filled our tool with flat glass and auto glass images, content, and real-time glass industry news and market info through RSS Feeds and Google Trending data.

So you can create images, build memes, re-post real-time news... anything you want, and you can schedule posts as far out as you want, to whichever social media accounts you want. Talk about making your life easier!!


Give it a Try

There is no obligation, and you can quit anytime.  In fact, its completely free for a basic account, and there's no payment info asked for unless you decide to stay on a Pro account. We're confident you will absolutely love this product - even the free version!  It's a life changer!